Brooks Baseler Wolfe

Senior Art Showcase

Artist Statement:
“My paintings are an exploration of color and abstraction. They are created in the moment, taking me with them as the painting emerges from the canvas. I enjoy mixing the paint on the canvas itself, instead of on a palette beforehand. Each painting begins with a collaboration between a color scheme and specific mark-making that defines the piece. Many times I have been told that art is only worth spending time with if it is realistic or easy to understand, but my paintings are significant and comprehensive in their abstraction. Usually I work with vibrant colors because they are bright and familiar and nostalgic. The painting directs me to where it wants to go, and I like to think of myself as fortunate enough to be the one who gets to experience the joy of discovering the painting hidden within the canvas.”

 To see more of Brooks’s work, you can visit her website. She is also on Instagram and Twitter as @studiobrooksart.