Ashley Chambers

Lee University – Senior Show

Artist Statement:
“My creative process is heavily inspired by nature and looking at the intricate details of creation. My works focus on taking small details of an aspect of nature and blowing it up into a larger composition. As an artist, there is an immense pressure to create something new and exciting, but I believe there is value in looking at natural creations and building from them. I strive to draw out the natural beauty of the world around me and draw others attention to it. Many of my works appear abstract in nature, yet in reality they are heavily connected to references. The reality of these subjects is that they are created with immense care and attention to detail and when looked at up close.

When I work on my paintings, I rely heavily on color and pushing the values to create a striking image for the viewers. My process is quick and each piece typically takes no more than three days to complete. Because of this, my pieces are not photo realistic. When looking up close each image is quite loose and almost abstract. The goal is meant for the viewer to take in the image from afar. ”

You can view more of Ashley’s works on her website.