Gift Gallery

The Gift Gallery features 30 regional artists with various art mediums from pottery to wood carvings, candle making, weaving, jewelry, and more. Visit our gift gallery to find the most unique gifts in town!


Featured Artists:

Howard Finster was an artist and Baptist minister who believed God spoke to him through his art and lead him to create a folk art sculpture garden in Georgia. Finster gained widespread attention with his album covers for both REM and The Talking Heads.

Nadine Koski from Chattanooga is an Encaustic Artist. She uses beeswax and damar resin which is then fused with a torch or another heat source. This produces a raised image on the painting.

Dennis Miller makes wooden bowls, vases, etc. Here is a disabled Vietnam veteran. His son died a few years ago and dealing with his grief he turned to woodworking, something he had never done before.

Monica Jenkins does beautiful embroidered jewelry. They appear to be painted but on a closer examination, you can see it’s embroidery. Tiny rivers, canoes, mountains, flowers,etc.

Barbara Ensley is an artist from Athens. She is a multimedia and collage artist.

Galen Duncan does wood carvings of “Wood Spirits” He worked for TVA, retired, and went to the John C. Campbell in N.C. and discovered his talent for wood carving.