School Tours

Experience the history of our region with educational opportunities for your students from the Museum & Cultural Center at 5ive Points. Groups can visit through a facilitated learning experience or self-guided tour or we can bring objects and activities to your school that tell the fascinating stories of the Ocoee Region.


During the holidays, it will be easier to contact our staff via e-mail, as we will be in the office intermittently.

Trunk Shows

Museum Center Trunk Shows are interactive museum experiences that are mobile and come to your classroom. The trunks feature object lessons, hands-on activities, demonstrations, and more.

Trunk Shows cost $50/class for 1 hour with $15 for additional classes in the same session.

Our Recycling Trunk can be rented for $50/week. Currently this is the only trunk offered as a rental.

Trunk show themes include:

Cherokee Trunk
Civil War Trunk

Field Trips

A museum visit engages students with local artifacts and programming that tell the story of our region. Through hands-on learning, students can look to the past and make our history come alive. We offer a variety of primary sources that help meet TN social studies standards in your classroom.

Students are able to experience several interactive stations throughout the field trip as they are guided through the museum. We cater to all different levels of education and can focus on various aspects of teaching during their tour.

Field Trips cost $50/class

***Please give 24 hour notice for field trip cancellations***

Permanent & Temporary Exhibits

  • Learn about the people that developed our region through our “River of Time” exhibit by viewing the history of the Ocoee region from Cherokee settlement to present day.
  • Enjoy our rotating exhibit area and its corresponding programming.

Crafts & Games

Get hands-on with activities related to the exhibit tour. During school tours, we like to include a craft that relates to our regional history. Some of our activities include, but are not limited to:

Appalachian Toys: Rag Dolls & Buzz Saws

  • Civil War Berry Ink
  • Make Your Quilt Story
  • What’s In Your Wagon?
  • Design Your Own Recruiting Poster/ Medal of Honor
  • Paper WWI Remembrance Poppy
  • Recycled Sculptures

Our Crafts & Games section may be catered towards your classroom curriculum.

Hopewell Field Trip 2
ARchitecture Camp