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Local Historical Biographies

Hair Conrad

Hair Conrad

Hair Conrad was born in Georgia to a Cherokee mother and a white (Scotch-German) father. He became an important member of Cherokee society and had a home in Bradley County, Tennessee.

John Ross

John Ross

John Ross served as the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1826-1866, serving through trying times for the Nation, such as the Trail of Tears and the Civil War.

Ainsworth Emory Blount Jr

Ainsworth Emory Blount Jr.

Blount was born in 1831 to A.E. Blount and his wife Harriet. The family were missionaries and accompanied the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears.

Myra Inman

Myra Inman

Myra Inman was born in Cleveland into a middle class family, they were neither rich or poor. The Inman family would live in Cleveland until after the Civil War, and Myra kept a diary throughout the war.

C L Hardwick

C L Hardwick

C.L. Hardwick was a businessman and philanthropist in Cleveland, TN. Hardwick married Clyde Johnston, and the couple had no children.

Clarence Richmond

Clarence Richmond

Clarence Richmond was born in Cleveland, Tennessee in 1895. He graduated from Cleveland High School in 1916 and then went to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. He was there until 1918, when he joined the Marines.

Harry T Burn

Harry T. Burn

Harry T Burn was born in Mouse Creek, TN. His father was the local stationmaster and a community businessman and his mother was a teacher. Harry was the oldest of 4 children.

Charles Legarde

Charles LeGarde

Charles LeGarde was born in Cleveland, Tennessee. He graduated from Bradley Central High School in 1935. LeGarde was voted “Most Old Fashioned Senior” during his last year there.

Paul Huff

Paul B. Huff

Paul Huff was born in Cleveland, Tennessee. He joined the United States Army in 1941. In 1944, he was serving in the 59th Parachute Infantry Battalion on February 8, 1944 near Carano, Italy, when he received his Medal of Honor citation.

Edward G Sharpe

Edward G. Sharpe

Edward Gerald Sharpe was born to Gerald S. Sharpe and Marie L. Sharpe, both of Charleston, TN. Sharpe was born in Canada but grew up in Calhoun. He had one brother.

Sara Jo Werstfield

Sarah Jo Westfield

Westfield was born and raised in Cleveland, Tennessee and lived there all of her life. She was Cleveland’s first black female deputy and was the first black woman elected to the City Council.

Tom Rowland

Tom Rowland

Tom Rowland served as the Mayor of Cleveland, TN for 26 years. He was elected in 1991 after running on the slogan “In Touch” and retired from the position in 2017. Before his terms as mayor, Rowland was a broadcast journalist, a radio station owner, and an on-air personality.